2018/07/07 第98回例会TOPICを発表します!


Sato MamiMaking the best of her life


Q1 What do you expect of the 2020 Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games?

Q2 What is adaptive sports or para sports?

Q2 What do you think of Sato Mami’s life?

Q3 Through the sport activities, she saw the true power of sports.

  What is the true power of sports?

Q5 Who is your favorite athlete?

参考<東京五輪・名プレゼンの背景> 佐藤真海弱さと向き合って



Would winning the lottery make you happier?


Imagine winning a multi-million-dollar lottery tomorrow. If you’re like many of us, you’d be ecstatic, unable to believe your good luck. But would that joy still be there a few years later?

Q1 Have you ever tried any lotteries?  Have you won?  

What would your reaction be if you won the lottery?

Q2 Winning the lottery sometimes may not be a wonderful event.  

What can happen?

Q3 What is the phenomenon called hedonic adaptation?

Q4 You win a large sum of money and want to be sure that what you spend it on will make you happy.  Based on what you learned in this lesson, what would you do? Share the percent of how much would you spend, save, or give away.

Q5 Can money truly buy happiness?

2018/06/23 第97回例会TOPICを発表します!

Topic 1 : 10 top time-saving tech tips

https://www.ted.com/talks/david pogue 10 top time saving tech tips

Q1 Please share 10 technology tips for saving time in your group.  How many of the 10 tips did you know?

Q2 Do you know other tips for using computers, web, smartphones and digital cameras? Where did you learn?

Q3 Please share time-saving tips in your daily life and in your company?

Q4 On the contrary, is there something that you tend to take time?



Topic 2 : Do you need to upgrade your smartphone?


Q1 Are you holding onto your old phones longer instead of buying the latest model?  How often do you replace it compared to 10 years ago?

Q2 When buying something, do you prefer high end products or low end products?

Q3 What is the cycle Andrew Orlowski calls?

Q4 What kind of functionality do you want to add to your smartphone?


2018/06/09 第96回例会TOPICを発表します!

Topic 1 “The role of human emotions in science and research”
[URL] https://www.ted.com/talks/ilona stengel the role of human emotions in science and research?

1. Do you have a similar experience like Ilona (for example, feeling “being dedicated to something meaningful, belonging to something bigger, and being empowered”), in your company, school, or some of your communities? Please share your experiences.
2. What’s the most meaningful work you have done in your life? Please share your favorite three.
3. Can you control your emotions? If you can, please explain how.
4. Do you have a positive influence over the emotions of your colleagues and / or boss? If you do, please explain how. If you don’t, discuss how you might be able to influence their emotions in a positive way.

Topic 2 “Why good leaders make you feel safe”
[URL] https://www.ted.com/talks/simon sinek why good leaders make you feel safe?

1. Do you agree with the picture of a “good leader” in the video clip? Explain why.
2. Please tell us about a good leader that you know. How is he (she) good?
3. Please tell us about a bad leader that you know. How is he (she) bad?
4. Do you think you are a good or bad leader? Please explain.

2018/05/26 第95回例会TOPICを発表します!

Topic 1: Why people of different faiths are painting their houses of worship yellow

Source:https://www.ted.com/talks/nabila alibhai why people of different faiths are painting their houses of worship yellow
(I recommend using subtitles and transcripts.)

Q1. What do you think about the project? What changes did the project bring about?

Q2. Innumerable lives have been lost in the name of religion since ancient times. Is religion a root cause of “religious” wars? If so, would it be better for people to let go of religion?

Q3. Are there any religions that scare you or make you nervous? Please explain.

Q4. In addition to religious conflicts, what kind of issues can divide people? What can be those issues in a small group of people, such as school or workplace?

Q5. In what way can people from different ethnicities, cultures and religions coexist peacefully?



Topic 2: From Tokyo to Kyoto: A Foreign Mom’s Journey of Settling in Kansai


Q1. Have you relocated from one prefecture to another in Japan? How did you like the new location? If you have never relocated, please mention which prefecture you would like to live in the future.

Q2. Telling a Kyotoite that they play the piano well amounts to complaining that their music is too loud. Have you heard of any other unspoken customs performed in Kyoto or another prefecture?

Q3. Have you had a tough time due to unfamiliar custom, practices, or characteristics of the people?

Q4. Are you prejudiced against people from a particular prefecture? Are there any significant differences in mentality of residents between prefectures?

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2018/05/12 第94回例会TOPICを発表します!

TOPIC 1:Japanese company makes virtual shadow boyfriends to help protect woman who live alone.



1.Do you think this will help women who live alone? Are there any other ideas to live safely?

2.Have you ever felt scared when you are alone at home?

3.Which do you think is more favorable: living alone or living with your family or someone else?

4.What is the most important thing for you in choosing the place to live? (cheap rent, enough space, safety, brand-new room, etc…)

5.Would you like to live in an apartment or in a house?


TOPIC 2:How free is our freedom of the press


1.What do you know of James Risen or Edward Snowden? What do you think about them?

2.Do you think the press in Japan have freedom?

3.Do you think the Japanese government is also gathering information about us? Have you ever felt any fear about getting your personal information leaked while using your smart phones? What do you think about “my number system”?

4.Recently, there are so many scandals about the Japanese government. Can you trust them? Do you believe they make Japan better?

5.Do you usually vote in elections? Why do you think younger generations in Japan don’t really vote?



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2018/04/21 第93回例会TOPICを発表します!

TOPIC 1: How I became an entrepreneur at 66

1. What are your future plans as you get older? Do you have any goals for your 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s and more?
2. What do you think are the advantages of elderly people compared to younger people?
3. What have you learned as you get older? What are the things you couldn’t do in the past but can do now?
4. Do you have any role-models around you? If yes, what is he/she like?
5. If you were going to start your own business, what would you do?

TOPIC 2 : Moritomo Scandal

1. Are you interested in the Moritomo scandal? Are you catching up with the latest news on this issue?
2. Some people think that because the politicians have such a strong control over the personnel deployment of the government staff, ministries can hardly protest the instructions of the politicians. What do you think about this?
3. The Governor of Osaka Prefecture said in an interview that the Diet should spend more time on the discussion on other issues such as the introduction of an integrated resort in Osaka instead of the Moritomo scandal. Do you think that the Diet should focus on solving the scandal or move on to the discussions of other issues?
4. What will you do if your boss orders you to do something illegal? Will you follow the
instruction due to the fear of being treated unfairly by ignoring it? Have you ever experienced a dilemma like this?
5. Which do you prefer: a great leader with scandals or a weak leader with honesty?

2018/04/07 第92回例会TOPICを発表します!


TOPIC1 The future of good food in China

Q1. Do you have any experiences where you spent a lot of time in your childhood to learn something? For example, it took a lot of effort for the presenter to learn patience as a kid.
Q2. Do you pay attention to the origin of different food when you buy them? Do you have any images about specific origin areas? Do they influence your decisions on whether to buy the food or not?
Q3. What do you feel about the wrongdoings about food, such as dishonesty about origin of foods or the unrevealed use of pesticides?
Q4. What is the most important factor when you buy food? Do you place the priority on origin, price, manufacturer or freshness?
Q5. Do you know any systems or regulations to prevent wrongdoings related to food?



TOPIC2 The genius of the London tube map

Q1.Do you often use maps? When and in which way do you use them, e.g. guide map, Google map, etc?
Q2. Is the railway map in Osaka easy to understand? How about the one in Tokyo or foreign countries? If it is difficult for you, how can we improve them?
Q3 .In 2020, many foreigners will visit Japan for Olympic Games. What can we do to make the Japanese maps more understandable?
Q4. To make a new system, what do you think is important? (The speaker said that focus, simplicity and thinking in a cross-disciplinary way are the important points.)