2017.06.10 TOPIC

①To raise brave girls, encourage adventure

https://www.ted.com/talks/caroline paul to raise brave girls encourage adventure?language=ja

1: Have you ever been treated unreasonably because of your sex?
(For example, boys are allowed to climb a tree while girls are not.)

2: Do you want to work in a place generally thought to be dominated by an opposite sex?
(For example, a girl working in an engineering company / a boy working as a make-up artist.)

3: Do you believe men should behave like men and girls should behave like girls?

4: How would you difine a “brave” girl? What kind of impression do you have of a brave girl?

5: Are you acceptable to more and more women getting promotions and being chosen over a man to be a leader?

②The non-mother who started Mother’s Day


1:Did you do something on Mother’s day this year?

2:Do you know the origin of Mother’s day?

3:Do you want keep Mother’s day forever even though it is commercialized?

4:Could you share your own Mother’s day stories?

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