2017.05.27 TOPIC

TOPIC1 : The brain in love


Q1. Do you think ‘love is blind’? If your friend were to fall blindly in love, would you support him/her or would you advise them to be realistic?

Q2. If you were to fall in love, what changes do you think will occur? For example, will you make the effort to be more attractive / appealing?  Will you go on a diet?  Will you think of them all day?

Q3. Do you agree with the idea that women are good at finding the right words more rapidly and that men tend to ‘get rid of what they regard as extraneous, focus on what they do, and move in a more step-by-step thinking pattern’ ?

Do you think there are any differences between the way men and women relate?  Are there any differences in their thinking patterns or their abilities?

Q4. When choosing a partner what do you consider to be the important: their physical appearance or their social status with regards to education or income?

Would your standards change if you were choosing a boyfriend/girlfriend or a marriage partner?

Q5. How does the moment of women into job market and an aging world population have on the effect of love? Share your ideas in your group.


TOPIC2 : What’s a visitor with a food allergy to do in Japan?


Q1. Have you known who has food allergies may have trouble when they visit Japan?

Q2. Recently many restaurants show information about food allergies on their menu in Japan, have you ever seen such menus in other countries or do you know of any other ways in which allergies can be informed?

Q3. Apart from food allergies, what do you think are the other difficulties visitors face when they visit Japan?

Q4. Share an experience in which you had difficulties or a visitor in another country due to the languages and cultures.

Q5. For the Olympics in 2020, what kind of problems should anticipate to solve for our visitors?

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