2017.06.24 TOPIC

TOPIC 1 : Work style reform influencing firms’ recruitments
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Q1 : Which do you prefer, leaving your workplace early to have your free time or getting paid for overtime?

Q2 : Do you think it is bad to work overtime? Do you believe it is necessary to work a lot to defeat the business competitors? What are the benefits of working for long hours?

Q3 : Please share your experiences about the extra work in your workplaces which you feel is unnecessary.

Q4 : Do you have your own methods to finish your work early? Do you use any technique so you are able to leave your workplace at normal time?

Q5 : If you don’t have to work overtime at all, how do you spend the time after work?

Q6 : Do you think of any good ideas to shorten the work hours?

TOPIC 2 Jeff Kirschner: This app makes it fun to pick up litter

https://www.ted.com/talks/jeff kirschner this app makes it fun to pick up litter

Q1 : Do you tend to keep your room or workplace tidy? Please share your own rule about cleanliness.

Q2: Do you regularly use SNS such as Instagram, Facebook or Twitter? If so, what do you think are the benefits of those services?

Q3 : What is your favorite smart-phone application? Why do you like it?

Q4 : What kind of application do you want in order to improve your daily life? No matter whether it is available or not, please share your idea.

Q5 : In the long run, what kind of service do you want to offer to the society through your work? For example, if you were a doctor, you might want to offer to elderly people more access to visiting medical service. Share your dream.

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