2020/XX/XX 第139回例会TOPIC




TOPIC 1  The surprising reason our muscles get tired – Christian Moro


Q1 How much exercise do you do?
Q2 Why do our muscles get fatigued?
Q3 What makes muscles grow?
Q4 What benefits does the muscular system provide, other than just helping you move?
Q5 Why do some cultures value large muscles?


TOPIC 2 What would happen if every human suddenly disappeared? – Dan Kwartler


Q1 How will animals and plants interact with our leftover infrastructure?
Q2 What would happen if every human suddenly disappeared?
Q3 What animals will thrive after humans leave the earth?
Q4 What would you do if you were the only human left on the earth?
Q5 Humanity hasn’t always been here on the earth, and we won’t be here forever. What can we learn from this movie?