2016/5/21 TOPICを発表します!

Topic1:Let’s not use Mars as a backup planet

Q1 Do you think that people will be able to live in the Mars or other planets?
Why do you think people try to find other planets where it is possible to live?

Q2 What are the advantages of exploring space for the Earth?

Q3 Do you want to travel in space in the future? Why or why not?

Q4 Do you think there is extraterrestrial life on other planets?

Q5 What do you do to protect the earth? Do you have any ideas on how to protect the

Topic2:Yes, I can use chopsticks: the everyday ‘microaggressions’ that
grind us down


Q1 Have you ever heard of “microaggressions”?
Do you have any experiences that you discriminated against non-Japanese people

Q2 Do you have anything you take care about when you talk with non-Japanese?

Q3 What are common stereotypes about the character of Japanese? Do you think they are

Q4 Have you ever felt that non-Japanese people discriminate against you? If you have,
what was it?

Q5 To eliminate “microaggressions”, how would you educate to your children in the future?

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